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This information is provided so that you, the pet owner, have an understanding of the benefits and risks associated with dog boarding and Playcare. You may download a PDF version of this form here.

By digitally signing this form below, you agree to accept these risks.

  1. All dogs, whether staying for the day, or boarding overnight, will participate in daily Playcare, unless otherwise restricted. Doggie Playcare offers many positive experiences for your dog. Dogs are social animals, and a group environment fosters physical health as well as psychological well-being. Boredom is alleviated, and your dog will develop positive social skills while learning to behave appropriately in a pack environment. You will probably discover that after doggie Playcare, your dog is less inclined to exhibit destructive behavior around the house and will be more relaxed and calm. While there are many positive aspects to doggie Playcare, there are some risks. No known aggressive dogs will be permitted to attend, but sometimes altercations and fights will break out, even among docile dogs. Every attempt will be made to prevent such behavior; however, City Dogs cannot be held responsible for injuries, illness, death and/or escape while dogs are playing.
  2. If your dog is boarding or in doggie Playcare with us, there are opportunities for your dog to interact with other dogs in the facility and all types of interactions cannot be prevented. Dogs in Playcare will be supervised at all times; however, City Dogs cannot prevent or control all incidents that may occur. Dogs will sometimes play roughly, and your dog may return home with scratches, abrasions, and/or minor bites. Dogs who exhibit any aggressive behavior will immediately be removed from the Playcare setting and will not be allowed to return unless owner agrees that dog will remain segregated from other dogs at all times. City Dogs is an all-breed facility and we do not breed discriminate.
  3. Dogs not regularly socialized may exhibit atypical behavior, such as acting out, aggression, or biting. Dogs may also become dirty while playing. Some dogs, even when boarded with housemates, may react atypically. Sometimes altercations and fights can occur, even among housemates. All attempts will be made to prevent such behavior. Dogs that dig, chew on fencing or walls, or exhibit obsessive compulsive behavior (licking, barking, pacing) may injure themselves. City Dogs will not be held liable for injury resulting from such behavior. Owner assumes responsibility and will pay for damages to persons, pets, and/or property done by their pet(s) while on City Dogs property. Some dogs will rip apart their bedding when boarded so be aware of that when bringing expensive beds, especially with first time boarders.
  4. Dogs will be separated into playgroups based on various criteria including activity level, age, physical fitness, size, and/or demeanor.
  5. Dogs not regularly exposed to physical activity may develop muscle soreness, blisters, fatigue, and other aches/pains. We have also had dogs break toenails, so, if possible, please try to maintain a healthy toenail length. This also cuts down on the risk of them scratching another dog while playing. We are a collar-free kennel so all collars will be removed when your dog enters the facility. This prevents dogs from getting teeth or jaws caught underneath or causing strangulation to another playmate while playing.
  6. Water will be available at all times, but your dog may still act thirsty when you bring him/her home. Try to limit excessive water intake, as it may cause stomach upset and or vomiting.
  7. All dogs must be picked up as scheduled, within business hours, unless prior arrangements have been made. If no contact is made by the owner for pick-up, your dog will be boarded for a period not to exceed one week. The Owner will be responsible for all charges. City Dogs will consider the dog abandoned after one week. At that time, City Dogs may, at City Dogs discretion, relocate the dog to a local shelter or rescue organization.
  8. By signing this agreement, you, the dog owner, agree that you are solely responsible for any harm or damage caused by your dog while attending City Dogs Boarding and Playcare and you release City Dogs from any and all liability arising from your dog’s actions. Any and all necessary veterinary care required, and costs incurred as a result of any incident, caused by your dog, to people, property, or another animal, while here, will be the sole responsibility of you, the pet owner.
  9. Reasonable attempts will be made to contact you – the pet owner – if an incident requiring medical attention occurs; and we will make every effort to transport your dog to your veterinary office on record; however, if that is not possible or feasible, City Dogs may have the pet treated by a veterinarian of City Dogs choosing, and all costs shall be the sole responsibility of the pet owner. You agree to allow City Dogs to seek out and obtain medical treatment for your dog, should your dog require medical attention. The pet owner agrees that City Dogs liability shall in no event exceed the lesser of the current tangible value of a pet of the same breed or the sum of Three Hundred ($300.00) dollars per animal.

By filling in the fields and digitally accepting this form below, I acknowledge and accept all the above policies in reference to Playcare and boarding. This agreement serves as acceptance of these conditions for one or both services.

Please identify all your dogs below who will be using City Dogs’ services.

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