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Follow us on Twitter for updates. We tweet when we are full for the upcoming weekend and when our hours change due to weather events.

If you prefer, we also post this information on Facebook.

Please check our Twitter feed for room availability before submitting a reservation request.


City Dogs will be closed for both Boarding and Playcare on: Sat 2/27 Sun 2/28 Mon 3/01 Tue 3/02 In order to keep our facility safe and clean for everyone, we will be using these days to deep clean, disinfect, make repairs, and improvements. We apologize for any inconvenience!!

We may be full, particularly over weekends.  This is our ‘up to the minute’ method for keeping you informed.  Our form will auto confirm a request even if we cannot accommodate you.  We are not presently connected with an active reservation system. If this happens, we will contact you separately and let you know that we are full.  We prefer that you know ahead of time and do not suffer the inconvenience of a delayed notification.

PLEASE NOTE – We must have your dog’s up-to-date vaccination records. This is for the well being of your dog as well as our other canine guests.

Also, we are asking for your dog’s weight below because we have different sized kennels. We assign dogs to kennels based on the size of the dog and the number of dogs that are to board together.

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